“It saved my life,” he said. I knew I had to help more of the general public and professionals know about hypnosis for pain management.

He was now pain-free. He said he doesn’t even really remember the pain. Not remember the pain? I remembered it. I remember watching him lose more than 35 pounds in a month. I remember him being in so much pain that he couldn’t eat dinner. I remember making him shakes that he barely could choke down. I remember him not being able to talk from the intense pain.

I also remembered the over medication and the side effects. I recall staying home with him and not wanting him to go to work because he was acting so strangely. He was shaky, looked frail and unstable. He had hives and a cough. I remember fighting with the neurologist who was on vacation and couldn’t be bothered to call us back and just gave him more medication. That doctor actually refused to see my husband because of a review I left online. But the medication he was on had to be monitored by a doctor! What do you do with that?

I recalled the sinus operation he had that he didn’t need. I remember the pain that didn’t go away, but worsened after the operation. I remember the countless office visits that didn’t help. I remember going to the dentist, who said it was nothing and it should resolve itself.

All of this and dealing with the insurance company was so stressful!

Through all of these visits, we had to wait weeks before we could be seen by the primary care physician before we could be referred back to another specialist. Sometimes he might have a full calendar or be on vacation. And the person we were referred to often had a full calendar. There were months and months and months of visiting doctors. And testing.

And etched into my mind was the first time he winced from the pain. I know where we were and what we were doing. At the time I never could imagine what would happen.

I’m not bashing medicine or medical doctors. Quite the contrary. I have great respect for the neurosurgeon and team that helped my husband become pain free. You have to get the right diagnosis and the right doctor.

Most people and some doctors never even heard of Trigeminal Neuralgia. It was challenging to find the right doctor to help him. But we ultimately found the right medical team to resolve his medical problem.

After the overmedication fiasco, we were referred to an excellent neurologist in our local area who immediately contacted the neurosurgeon for my husband after he spoke with him the first time. He said he had a feeling that he was an excellent candidate for it and that it would resolve his problem.

In just a few days, we spoke with the neurosurgeon on a video call. He scheduled the surgery in Philadelphia for three days after the call. On Friday we went for pre surgical testing. On Monday he had the five and a half hour operation that changed his life. And mine. Some people might have been upset by the arrangements that had to be made in such a short period of time. But both of us were willing to do whatever it took to get him relief.

Upon visiting the first neurologist, we finally got a diagnosis of Trigeminal Neuralgia. But the relief didn’t come until more than six months later. Nicknamed the suicide disease, TN is no joke. Chronic pain is no joke….for those who are suffering and for the loved ones watching. I knew when we spoke about it after the fact that he was right. Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis really did save his life.

It gave him the time and relief to find the help he needed!

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