Do your worries rule your life? If you’re struggling with anxiousness, panic symptoms or overwhelming stress in your life, our Life Solutions Coaching Programs will get you back to peace and freedom for life! 

As your hypno-coach we will help you learn the science behind how stress and worries work, understand how you can calm your body and mind, and break the cycle! We strive to help you find relief that will last for life…to do this we use techniques like hypnosis, additional methods and programs in combination.

Our Program

For this program, we recommend our four-week coaching program which is filled with information and strategies to deal with stress, anxiousness and worries. Each session is devoted to a subject related to your new lifestyle, with an emphasis on stress management in general. When you are open to learning new ways of thinking, the habits you currently have can change to accommodate the life you want.

Stress Management is important for a healthy mind and body. Work with our coaching program to achieve the results you want. For individuals, you can choose the amount of sessions below.

Individual in-person sessions are $175 per session with a two session minimum. Discounts are applied for multiple sessions. For in-person group sessions, please visit the EVENTS page.

Why do we recommend a minimum of two sessions? You didn’t start feeling bad in one day, so it’s unlikely that you will get all you need in just one session. Hypnosis is more effective for you when you’ve practiced and understand and how to apply it. We have many tools and tricks to share with you to help you with your personal challenge, so we want to do the best job for you!

Schedule your appointment today by calling (570) 352 3048. You can use the button above or keep scrolling for multi-session discounts.

Two Sessions
  • Two sessions
    at the regular price!
Four Sessions
  • Your SAVE $100
    off the regular price!
Six Sessions
  • You SAVE $300
    off the regular price!
Eight Sessions
  • You SAVE $600
    off the regular price!

Anxiety Management Online Check-In Program ONLY $150 Per Month*

*ADDITIONAL OPTIONS AFTER INITIAL PROGRAM: We provide a Monthly Online Anxiety Check-In to keep you on track. This is a weekly half-hour check in session to keep you focused and moving in the direction you desire. Most people use it periodically when they are under stress or feeling worried after the initial coaching program. Please call us at (570) 352 3048 to arrange for this service.