If you have Low Confidence and Self-Esteem, you may experience some of these characteristics:

  • Social withdrawal
  • Anxiety and emotional turmoil
  • Lack of social skills
  • Bouts of sadness
  • Less social conformity
  • Eating disorders
  • Inability to accept compliments
  • An Inability to see yourself realistically…to be fair to yourself
  • Accentuating the negative
  • Exaggerated concern over what you imagine other people think
  • Self-neglect
  • Treating yourself badly but NOT other people
  • Worrying whether you have treated others badly
  • Reluctance to take on challenges
  • Reluctance to put yourself first or anywhere
  • Reluctance to trust your own opinion
  • Expecting little out of life for yourself
  • Unable to enjoy and relax in situations that you’d like to
  • As if you haven’t got a sense of direction in life

Suffering from low confidence and self-worth can be debilitating, but these qualities can both be developed with the help of confidence coaching. As a Coach, I come equipped with the tools and techniques to help you develop your confidence and self-belief. Confidence coaching is designed to help you raise your self image and create a positive outlook on life, starting from within. Coaching sessions will challenge your current beliefs that you have about yourself, boost your self-esteem and help you build a strong and positive self-image.

What is Confidence?

Confidence is a belief in yourself and your ability to meet life’s challenges and act accordingly. Being confident requires a realistic sense of your capabilities. You can build your confidence in many ways. Most of us have felt at one time or another that we could use more confidence.

Signs of Strong Self-Esteem

The confident person is easily spotted and commands attention. But there’s a healthy balance between too little and too much self-worth. Here are some signs that an individual has the right dose.

  • Knows the difference between confidence and arrogance
  • Is not afraid of feedback
  • Does not people-please or seek approval
  • Is not afraid of conflict
  • Is able to set boundaries
  • Is able to voice needs and opinions
  • Is assertive, but not pushy
  • Is not a slave to perfection
  • Is not afraid of setbacks
  • Does not fear failure
  • Does not feel inferior
  • Accepts who they are

Our Program

Our recommended four-week hypnosis coaching program is filled with exercises, information and strategies to increase confidence and improve self-esteem. Each session is devoted to a subject related to your new lifestyle, with an emphasis on confidence and self-esteem in general. When you are open to learning new ways of thinking, the habits you currently have can change to accommodate the life you want.

Confidence and self-esteem is important for you to reach your full potential in all areas. Work with our coaching program to achieve the results you want. We look forward to your visit.

Why do we recommend more than one session? Likely your personal challenge happened over time, so it’s unlikely that you will get all you need in just one session. We have many tools and tricks to share with you to help you with your personal challenge, so we want to do the best job for you!

Two Sessions
  • Two sessions
    for the regular price!
Four Sessions
  • You SAVE $100
  • off the regular price!
Six Sessions
  • You SAVE $300
    off the regular price!
Eight Sessions
  • You SAVE $600
    off the regular price!

Confidence Online Check-In Program
ONLY $150 per month

*ADDITIONAL OPTIONS AFTER INITIAL PROGRAM: We provide a Monthly Online Confidence and Self-Esteem Check-In to keep you on track. This is a weekly half-hour check in session to keep you focused and moving in the direction you desire after the initial program.

You can also schedule your appointment by calling (570) 352 3048.