Hypnosis Training Dates


Begins November 6, 2021

9am to 5pmSaturdayNovember 6Zoom
9am to 5pmSundayNovember 7Zoom
9am to 5pmSaturdayNovember 13Zoom
9am to 5pmSundayNovember 14Zoom
9am to 5pmSaturdayNovember 20Zoom
9am to 5pmSundayNovember 21Zoom
9am to 5pmSaturdayNovember 27Zoom
9am to 5pmSundayNovember 28Zoom
9am to 5pmSaturdayDecember 4Zoom
9am to 5pmSundayDecember 5Zoom


February 1, 2022 to April 7, 2022

4pm to 7:30pmTuesdayFebruary 1Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmThursdayFebruary 3Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmTuesdayFebruary 8Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmThursdayFebruary 10Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmTuesdayFebruary 15Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmThursdayFebruary 17Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmTuesdayFebruary 22Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmThursdayFebruary 24Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmTuesdayMarch 1Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmThursdayMarch 3Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmTuesdayMarch 8Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmThursdayMarch 10Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmTuesdayMarch 15Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmThursdayMarch 17Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmTuesdayMarch 22Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmThursdayMarch 24Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmTuesdayMarch 29Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmThursdayMarch 31Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmTuesdayApril 5Zoom
4pm to 7:30pmThursdayApril 7Zoom

2022 Weekday Program

9am to 5pmMondayMay 9Honesdale
9am to 5pmTuesdayMay 10Honesdale
9am to 5pmWednesdayMay 11Honesdale
9am to 5pmThursdayMay 12Honesdale
9am to 5pmFridayMay 13Honesdale
9am to 5pmMondayMay 16Honesdale
9am to 5pmTuesdayMay 17Honesdale
9am to 5pmWednesdayMay 18Honesdale
9am to 5pmThursdayMay 19Honesdale
9am to 5pmFridayMay 20Honesdale

2022 Summer Learning

9am to 5pmSaturdayJune 25Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSaturdayJuly 2Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSaturdayJuly 9Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSaturdayJuly 16Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSaturdayJuly 23Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSaturdayJuly 30Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSaturdayAugust 6Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSaturdayAugust 13Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSaturdayAugust 20Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSaturdayAugust 27Zoom/Honesdale

2022 Fall Weekend Program

9am to 5pmSaturdayOctober 1Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSundayOctober 2Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSaturdayOctober 8Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSundayOctober 9Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSaturdayOctober 15Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSundayOctober 16Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSaturdayOctober 22Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSundayOctober 23Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSaturdayOctober 29Zoom/Honesdale
9am to 5pmSundayOctober 30Zoom/Honesdale

Call (570) 352 3048 with your inquiries. Full payment is required two weeks before class start date.

Are you ready for a fun and exciting career as a hypnotist? Hypnotists coach, guide and teach others to achieve goals, end limiting beliefs, change habits and much more! It’s not only fulfilling work, but it’s also lucrative with hypnotists often earning more than $150 per session!

You can apply to PayPal to pay in installments. Often you can pay and have interest free payments for six months!

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