Empowerment and Success for Wellness Professionals

At Tina Pineiro Life Solutions, we offer Hypnosis & NLP Certifications and Business Mindset Coaching for professionals so you and your business can be your best!

When life brings you challenges, together we create solutions.

Hypnosis & Wellness Professionals

  • Do you want a career helping others? Find out if hypnosis training is right for you!

  • Whether you are a hypnotist or another type of wellness professional, our courses will help you get to the next level.

Individual Hypnosis & Coaching Sessions

  • Mindset coaches are dedicated to working with an individual’s mindset. It all begins with your thinking.

  • Hypnosis is a natural state of mind experienced as trance induced by a hypnotist.

Our Webinars

  • Passion for Service

    Do you want to turn your passion for service into a profitable business? This is a message for anyone who loves helping others and wouldn’t mind making incredible money from…


    What If You Could Reach Hundreds of Thousands of Your Ideal Clients–From All Over the World–Without Ever Leaving Your House (or Your Pajamas) or Spending a Penny? (Spoiler alert: You…

  • CEO Mindset

    Attention Coaches, Services Providers, Consultants and More: If you’ve ever wondered how to stop feeling like your business is running you and start running your businesses with courage & confidence,…

  • Social Media Bootcamp

    Attention Hypnotists, Coaches & Wellness Service Providers, it’s time to stop spreading yourself too thin by posting on every social media platform and simply wishing, hoping and praying for your…

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