Who does Tina Pineiro Life Solutions serve?

  • We serve the clients who have reached a point where they are no longer interested in living with a challenge and have decided to take a step in another direction. They need a helping hand to get back on track, gain a new positive habit, remove a habit or limiting beliefs that no longer serve them or attain a goal.

We take great pride in empowering our clients to get from where they are to where they are going. We believe in respect and helping our clients find ways around the roadblock to their success.

  • We serve the people who want to learn the fundamentals of Hypnosis and/or NLP. We provide training and support that makes becoming a successful practitioner a reality.
  • We serve the coaches and hypnotists who want continuing education opportunities on demand.

How We Got Started

I started with learning Reiki healing in 1999. With a desire to find ways to end my severe anxiety and panic attacks, I discovered hypnosis and pursued training in 2006. Hypnosis was such a valuable tool to relieve the anxiety and panic attacks (and more!), I wanted to share it with others and started a business in both New York and PA.

Over time I became a Hypnosis and NLP instructor and provide valuable resources and information to those interested in learning or honing their skills. Over time I began assisting hypnotists and other wellness professionals with some advanced skills and to reach business and technology goals.

The goal is simple. Touch as many lives as possible while motivating them to reach their full potential.